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Sino-Doll : S25 Isabella 155 cm (5.09 ft) I cup Silicone doll

JA ¥ 285,000

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Compared to high-end sex dolls, Sino-doll has an overwhelmingly low price, but its quality is as good as the top Japanese / American manufacturers. It features anatomically realistic proportions and a platinum silicone skin for realistic feel and detail. Custom-made
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Standard Equipment

EVO Skeleton / Movable Eyes / Softening(Chest, Belly, Vagina) / Hanger

Normal Standing without Bolts +JA ¥ 7,600 Standing with Bolts +JA ¥ 7,600
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Both the Built-In type and the Detachable type have the same appearance.
In the case of dolls with silicone bodies, the detachable type tends to damage the area around the hole when putting on and taking off. Please work carefully.

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Sino-Doll is a love doll brand produced by Guangdong Shunde Xiannaxin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. The company's products are made from soft and skin-elastic platinum silicone material. The smooth surface provides a touch and visual experience similar to that of a human being. In countries and regions like Japan, Taiwan, Europe, America, and Asia, Sino-doll is very popular. Not only play lovers, but also photographers have been captivated by the perfect beauty of the Sino-doll love doll.

The Sino-doll is very popular in many countries and regions, including Japan, Taiwan, Europe, America, and Asia. Not only play enthusiasts, but also photographers have been impressed with Sino-doll's finished beauty.


Realistick Make up

Smooth Matte Makeup is a special makeup that eliminates the shininess peculiar to silicon. It has a non-sticky, non-greasy texture and reduces shine, so it is recommended for those who are considering purchasing a doll as a model for a photo shoot.

Wax figure makeup is a more realistic painting process on top of Smooth Matte. The fine unevenness of the skin surface is added to create a more realistic finish. Also, the amount of oil bleeding is greatly reduced.
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Quality certificate

Many manufacturers in the love doll industry use TPE to produce their dolls, and only a minority of manufacturers use only high-quality silicone materials. Many TPE dolls are called silicone dolls, making it difficult to understand the difference between TPE dolls and silicone love dolls. Under such circumstances, we assure our customers that Sino-doll’s products are silicone love dolls made from pure silica that have obtained quality inspection certificates.

Charm & Ko. is the official seller of SINO-DOLL

Charm & Ko. has been a sales promotion partner of SINO-DOLL in Japan since 2019 as an official seller.
We guarantee that all SINO DOLL products handled by Charm & Ko. are genuine.


  • All products handled by Charm & Ko are made-to-order, so option settings cannot be changed after production starts. note that.
  • Most products are completed within 3-4 weeks from the start of production. Production will start after payment is confirmed.
  • When you receive the product, please check carefully for any damage during transportation, and if there is any damage, please contact us within 2 hours after receiving the product. If no objection is filed within 2 hours of receipt of the package, the goods received will be considered intact (receipt time is based on the delivery note).
  • In the unlikely event that it is damaged, do not attempt to repair it yourself, but first take a photo or video of the damaged area and contact us. Contact the manufacturer to suggest the best solution.
  • Please refer to the catalog photo for the balance of the head and body. We do not recommend head and body combinations other than those shown in the catalog photos.
  • Do not leave it for a long time with its limbs bent, or leave it for a long time without processing it so that it stands on its own. Distortion occurs in the skeleton.
  • Do not wet the entire doll, such as using the shower or bathtub to clean it. Water may enter inside and damage the skeleton.
  • TPE and silicone are affected by oils, thinners, etc. and deteriorate. Never use volatile solvents such as oil and thinner.
  • TPE/silicone may bleed color through clothing. Please avoid wearing it for a long time.
  • Due to the nature of TPE and silicone, there is a slight odor. If you put it in a well-ventilated place, the smell will disappear naturally over time.
  • Due to different measurement methods, there may be some errors in the doll's height and BWH measurements.
  • Purchasers of this product are deemed to have read and understood all of the above notices.
  • It is recommended to store the doll lying down.
  • After you've had a great time with your beloved doll, return it with its legs closed and resting like it was sent to you.
Weight 38 kg
Dimensions 150 × 46 × 35 cm


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