Order/Payment Confirmation
Manufacturing process starts within 24 hours after payment is confirmed。
After production begins
After receiving your approval for the production start date, we will begin production of the doll according to the production instructions.
The doll will be completed in approximately 14 to 28 days, although there is some variation depending on the size and design of the doll.
After the production is completed, we will send you photos and videos of the product. We will also inform you of the estimated shipping date from the factory.
After shipment from the factory, the package will be handed over to the international shipping company at the airport and a tracking number will be issued.
The package tracking number is not reflected in our system immediately after it is issued. You can check the tracking number on our tracking site or other sites approximately 24 hours after you receive the tracking number.
  • *Shipping companies are UPS, Fedex.
Receipt of goods
If the shipping company is Fedex, UPS, the delivery status will be emailed to the customer accordingly. Please ensure that you receive your goods on the delivery date and time.
Date & Time
Please call the delivery company yourself and specify the desired delivery date and time. See the links below for contact information for each delivery company.
Customs clearance charges
The taxable amount varies depending on the brand and product value. Please inquire for details at the time of purchase.
Troubles at Customs
We will not compensate in the event that the goods cannot clear customs due to sex doll import restrictions, airport strikes, or other reasons, or in the event that the goods do not arrive or are damaged due to various circumstances during customs clearance.
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