The SANHUI Model Making company was founded in Nanning, China in 2010. It manufactures and sells high quality medical grade platinum silicone dolls. An English-language official website has been established for overseas sales, and the doll is made out of soft, environmentally friendly materials with a stainless steel skeleton.
Silicone can reproduce fine details and has a similar tactile feel to human skin. To achieve a realistic feel, soft silicone is used on the chest. A professional team with over 20 years of experience produces the dolls in three sizes: mini, medium, and real size.
A SANHUI doll's liveliness, beautiful legs, and breasts that feel surprisingly like human breasts are only available to customers who purchase SANHUI dolls.

In 2010, SANHUI Model Making Co.LTD was established in Nanning, China. SANHUI dolls have live hands, beautiful legs, and breasts that feel just like human breasts.


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