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Real Lady : S42 Sylvia 170 cm (5.58 ft) D cup Silicone Sexdoll

All models are modeled after real women’s bodies and are characterized by vivid realism.
In other words, this model is not a representation of an ideal woman, but a copy of a real woman, and it includes imperfections that are unique to reality.
This is a new sex doll series created exclusively for customers who seek the ultimate in reality.

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Real Lady, announced in 2023, is a new brand provided by Zhongshan Junteng Yizhong Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd., which manufactures Irontech Dolls, which are popular all over the world with beautiful silicone dolls and TPE dolls.
All models are modeled after real women's bodies and are characterized by vivid realism. In other words, this model is not a representation of an ideal woman, but a copy of a real woman, and it includes imperfections that are unique to reality.
This is a new sex doll series created exclusively for customers who seek the ultimate in reality.

All models are modeled after real women's bodies and are characterized by vivid realism. In other words, this model is not a representation of an ideal woman, but a copy of a real woman, and it includes imperfections that are unique to reality.

Video of Real Lady 170cm Details


How Real Lady Sex Dolls Are Made

The real human model

Before proceeding with 3D printing or mold-making procedures for crafting a new sex doll body, finding a suitable live model with specific characteristics is necessary. The live model’s body shape and features should match the design mold requirements.

Capture Texture

Abrasive silicone material must be applied to the body surface of the real model in order to obtain a 1:1 replica of skin texture information. 

Abrasive silicone material

After the material cools down, it can take out the details and texture of the model’s skin.

Acquire Textures

Real lower body model

Exquisite workmanship

In addition to being able to collect real and coherent textures, it can also restore the real lower body model more proportionally, and solve the problems of the lower body position in the industry and the unreal shape. Through manual carving and modification, the shape of the lower body is more beautiful.

Use plaster to make a rough shape

After applying the silicone material, it is necessary to use plaster to create a rough mold of the model. The plaster helps solidify and maintain the model’s posture, thus offering more precise body data for the modeling process.

3D scanning imaging



Once the model is finished plaster molded, advanced 3D scanning techniques can be used to capture the accurate shape and dimensions of the model’s body. This scanning technology can utilize lasers or other sensors to capture intricate details of the model and convert them into a digital model. This way, an accurate virtual model can be created for further production work.

Model making



The process of creating the mold’s shape can begin with the help of the previously acquired 3D scanning data. The scanning data can be converted using CAD software into a printable file format, which can then be transformed into an actual mold using 3D printing technology. This process ensures that the mold’s dimensions and shape perfectly match the original model’s features.

Texture reproduction



Once mold-making is completed, the processing and replication of the real human texture need to be carried out. This is a highly complex process that requires the use of specialized techniques and tools to refine the texture information and accurately replicate it onto the mold. It involves repairing, enhancing, and optimizing the texture data to ensure the final model has a realistic appearance and texture. This process is highly challenging as it requires overcoming various technical challenges and complexities and a high level of expertise and experience.

Production process

1. Skeleton positioning

Skeleton positioning is the first step in the production process of silicone sex dolls, ensuring the correct placement of the sex doll’s skeleton.

2. Mixing of materials

Different silicone materials are mixed according to customer requirements, such as skin tone and softness, to ensure that the final material meets the order’s specifications.

3. Glue filling

In the material injection stage, the pre-mixed silicone material is injected into the skeleton’s interior, filling the doll’s entire body. This process requires ensuring that each doll part is uniformly and filled, without any bubbles or gaps.

4. Trimming

After the injection material stage is completed, the trimming process is carried out. This includes removing excess silicone material and refining each part of the sex doll to make its appearance smoother and more natural.

5. Celaning

After trimming, the sex doll must be cleaned to remove surface impurities and residuals. The doll’s outer surface is carefully washed to ensure that it is clean, dust-free, and free from stains.

6. Colouring

Painting, also known as realistic body painting, gives the silicone sex doll a realistic skin tone and enhances its lifelike details. This process aims to make the doll’s appearance more realistic, achieving a similar effect to the skin tone of a real human body.

7. Complete


Do Real Lady dolls come with a warming system/heating option?
Yes. Real Lady provide a vagina heating rod for free. Customers need to pay extra for a full body warming system.
Don’t get discouraged if your doll’s body isn’t warm in the first 30 to 60 minutes.
Silicone is good at insulating heat, so it takes a little longer to travel outwards to the skin and body. On average, it could take around 2 hours to fully warm your doll.
If you’re having difficulty with the internal full-body heating system, you might not be giving it enough time. The difference is night and day, and you’ll notice right away if you just give it enough time.

To get the full effect, it might take a little trial and error, but it’s worth the effort and patience. Basically, the suction squeezes the channel around you during the feed and tightens slightly, then releases, producing a clenching (clamping) affect, it also pulls or draws you in a bit deeper. There’s a rhythm to it, and you’ll have to discover what works best for you. Some say it works best if you’re already inside before powering on, while other say it doesn’t matter.
Everyone will experience the sensation differently but some customers have reported the effect is much stronger when the doll is standing, or in a doggy or cowgirl position.
Some have even reported the experience is even more realistic in the way it functions as you interact with it, kind of like how you have to learn what does and doesn’t work with a real-life partner. The vaginal suction feature on a life sized doll does not produce the same artificial effect as what you might experience on some torso dolls on the market. It still feels amazing but it’s a bit more subtle. Our dolls are designed to look and feel as real as possible, they aren’t designed to do something a real woman – no matter how talented – can’t do.
So at first take your time, show a little patience, and you’ll be rewarded with years of unforgettable intimacy and emotional fulfillment.

Shipping Fee

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  • All products handled by Charm & Ko are made-to-order, so option settings cannot be changed after production starts. note that.
  • Most products are completed within 3-4 weeks from the start of production. Production will start after payment is confirmed.
  • When you receive the product, please check carefully for any damage during transportation, and if there is any damage, please contact us within 2 hours after receiving the product. If no objection is filed within 2 hours of receipt of the package, the goods received will be considered intact (receipt time is based on the delivery note).
  • In the unlikely event that it is damaged, do not attempt to repair it yourself, but first take a photo or video of the damaged area and contact us. Contact the manufacturer to suggest the best solution.
  • Please refer to the catalog photo for the balance of the head and body. We do not recommend head and body combinations other than those shown in the catalog photos.
  • Do not leave it for a long time with its limbs bent, or leave it for a long time without processing it so that it stands on its own. Distortion occurs in the skeleton.
  • Do not wet the entire doll, such as using the shower or bathtub to clean it. Water may enter inside and damage the skeleton.
  • TPE and silicone are affected by oils, thinners, etc. and deteriorate. Never use volatile solvents such as oil and thinner.
  • TPE/silicone may bleed color through clothing. Please avoid wearing it for a long time.
  • Due to the nature of TPE and silicone, there is a slight odor. If you put it in a well-ventilated place, the smell will disappear naturally over time.
  • Due to different measurement methods, there may be some errors in the doll's height and BWH measurements.
  • Purchasers of this product are deemed to have read and understood all of the above notices.
  • It is recommended to store the doll lying down.
  • After you've had a great time with your beloved doll, return it with its legs closed and resting like it was sent to you.
Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 165 × 39 × 30 cm

164 cm (5.38 ft) E cup


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